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Tuscany is a region rich in suggestive landscapes and historical and architectural beauties. They’re famous around the world and inspired writers, artists and poets as well as giving birth to them.

Lunigiana artistic heritage

The Lunigiana, land on borders between Regions, knew different dominations: the Obertenghi and the Bishops-Conti of Luni, the d’Este, the Pisani Ghibellini, the Malaspina ruled it. And then Visconti, Lucchesi, Campofregos of Genoa, Sforza, Medici, for several centuries the Malaspina again and then the Cybo; with its hundred and forty manned manners (some restored, others of which only some traces remain ), Lunigiana offers many interesting historical-cultural itineraries:

FIVIZZANO, a Comune of Lunigiana that owns part of its history and current aspect to the domination of the Medici. Not to be missed, on the second Sunday of July, the annual Disfida between the Archers of Earth and Court, featuring a Feast in sixteenth century costumes. It’s the heritage of the Medici influence that animates the town of ladies and knights, musicians and drummers. And again, always at Fivizzano, the “Sapori” exhibition, the wine and food show of Lunigiana’s typical products held every year at the beginning of June, with its tasting stands, as well as local music, performances and craftsmen stands;

In the surroundings of Fivizzano are worth visiting the Castello della Verrucola; The Castello dell’Aquila in Gragnola; The Caves of Equi Terme … and again the Brunella Fortress in Aulla, home of the Museum of Natural History of Lunigiana; Castello del Piagnaro in Pontremoli, which houses the Stele Statue Museum; the charming medieval village of Filetto, which in August comes to life thanks to the Medieval Market, set up in ancient workshops. Original and evocative between torches, lights, drapes, and banners creating a magical atmosphere; the Castle of Fosdinovo; the amazing Carrara Caves with their precious marble known throughout the world ….

They are just a few examples of what our region can offer … Lunigiana is here to be discover!

And there are plenty of opportunities for day trips: Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Cinque Terre, for example, are all easily reachable from our place.

Recipes and typical products

Lunigian culinary specialties are those of poor, peasant cuisine, but nethertheless so much tasty: the simple preparations based on corn flour (focaccette), wheat flour(panigacci or testaroli) or chestnuts flour(ciàn, Roasted chestnuts), cooked in iron or terracotta pans, on the plate, baked or fried (sgabei …) and usually accompanied by delicious local cheeses and hams. Another typical Lunigiana specialty is the “herbs cake” a salty cake with a filling of spontaneous herbs, traditionally harvested by women in the area, but also the game and the specialties of the mushrooms that are rich in our forests.

Itineraries and trips

Located in a strategic position in the green heart of Lunigiana, crossroad between the provinces of MS-LU-SP-RE-PR, Villa Torre de ‘Medici is undoubtedly the ideal place for nature lovers who will be experience an oasis of peace and relaxation, but it also offers countless possibilities for every kind of tourism.

Sea lovers can enjoy the sandy beaches of the Costa Apuana or the suggestive resorts of the Ligurian Riviera of Levante in the nearby province of La Spezia (the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre to name some), reachable in a short time either by car or by train.

Mountain lovers can enjoy magnificent hiking in the Apuan Alps or Apennine mountains, who practices winter sports will enjoy the Cerreto Laghi (RE) ski resorts, which are about 25 km or the mountains around Zum Zeri.

The main historic cities of Tuscany are also well-connected: the Aulla motorway is about 10 km away and at less than 1 kmfrom us you can find the railway station of Fivizzano-Rometta-Soliera. In the square called The Parks Square an information point is active for Tourist information and sale of local products.